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Publication: An open-source and scalable framework for exact calculations in coalescent theory  BMC Bioinformatics (2012) 13:257

New Features:

  1. Data support.

  2. Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE)
  3. Modify existing data set and create new data set.

Jobs Added:

Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE)

For Infinite-Alleles Model.





Data support

Jobs can select data from a drop-down combo box. Only relevant data sets are shown. The application is preloaded with data sets.

Data Life Cycle

  1. When a job is run, the URL of the data set is given in the output 
  2. Use Favorites to add the folder/file. Edit the data set and run 
    jobs using the drop-down data combo box.
  3. Create a copy of the data set in the Favorites window; restart 
    application to see the data in the drop-down data combo box.

For Infinite-Sites Model

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